Floating Flower Wax Water Lantern

Product Description

Decorate your pool or pond with a selection of attractive floating flower lanterns.
This one is a bright and fresh yellow color and features a real wax tealight.

Lanterns for the water create a magical atmosphere and are a great way to utilize an otherwise neglected space at parties and events. The wax variety featured a real wax tealight that is shielded from the wind by the petals. The flickering creates a special atmosphere and is sure to be a popular decoaration at your party. To use float the flowers in the water, they look great during the day. When the night time comes use a lighter or lighting stick and simply light the candles and push them back out into the water.

Size: 103x60x38cm
Packing: 150pcs/ctn; 72pcs/ctn; 50pcs/ctn; 32pcs/ctn.
Carton Dimension(cbm): 60x40x40cm/47x40x30cm/47x40x22cm/47x40x18cm
Weight: 16kg/8kg/6kg/4.5kg
Description: Each wrapped with an opp bag, including one big four-color printed user’s manual.
Available color: White/Red/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Yellow/Orange/
Black/Grey/Mint Green/Peach/Dark Blue/Metallic Gold/Metallic Silver.
Simple designs or logo with one or two colors can be printed on each
single lantern.


  • Keep the lanterns in dry area to avoid humidification.
  • Launch in calm conditions with low or no winds
  •  Keep fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Ensure launch in space area. Places with many trees, grass, buildings or any of the other residential areas are not allowed for launching.
  • Do not launch within 5 kilometers to the airport, high voltage wines, transformer substation, stock, gas station and army prohibited areas.
  • Children are not allowed if without adult instruction.
  • Adults yourself are not allowed if without perfect understanding of the instructions.
  • Suggested area for launching: Open spaces free from overhead obstacles.




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